What's new?

This page lists changes to this web site that happened within a year of the most recent update.

Date Alterations
18th November 2018 Released a patch to improve the graphics in Chocks Away Extra Missions.
17th November 2018 Released new versions of 3dObjLib and ChocToObj. (No new features — only build changes.)
14th November 2018 Uploaded another new version of SF3KLib.
11th November 2018 Deleted a dead link to a page on Pontus Lurcock's website. Uploaded a new version of SF3KLib.
4th November 2018 Finished splitting CBlibrary into standalone C libraries with clearly-defined dependencies, portability requirements and feature sets. Got rid of redundant target="_top" attributes from most web links.
14th October 2018 Reverse-engineered source code for Chocks Away is now available to download.
30th September 2018 Released the compression/decompression code used for games like Chocks Away as a standalone C library.
29th September 2018 Pre-converted object meshes for Chocks Away are now available for download.
7th September 2018 Added a new page dedicated to ChocToObj.
2nd September 2018 Released ChocToObj, a utility to convert the object models used by Chocks Away to OBJ format.
30th August 2018 Another (more minor) update to 3dObjLib.
28th August 2018 A new version of 3dObjLib fixes an important corner-case in the coplanar polygon clipping code and optimises checks for polygon-in-polygon.
19th August 2018 Released a new C library for use by programs that process or generate 3D models and output the results as .OBJ files. Also released a new version of CBLibrary which features two implementations of an abstract file reader interface (for compressed and raw input).
3rd June 2018 Added the graph-drawing macros used by Schema 2 to the APDL software page.
16th April 2018 Added an incomplete document about the 3D object model format for Chocks Away.
6th January 2018 Fixed the link to download the WimpBasic application from the APDL software page. On request, updated the RMEnsure commands in applications generated by Wimp Basic.
14th December 2017 Added the final component of the Schema 2 spreadsheet application to the APDL software page.
5th December 2017 Proposed alternative arrangements for the 256 colour picker incorporated into the Paint application.
26th November 2017 Added a draw-your-own colour wheel feature and an alternative version of each colour wheel.