Image memes

Memes are meant to be copied and shared freely online, and a website isn't the best place to do that. Nevertheless these images do provide a snapshot of some of my interests and opinions over the years.

Obviously my intent in creating these images is not to offer balanced commentary on any subject. I hope that they may provoke thought or amusement rather than offence.

If you're the kind of person who came here to avoid all that ugly social media crap then I can only apologise and advise that you hit the back button.

Programming memes

Let's be honest, there should be a separate category for C++ alone, but let's start with my spin on a few classic images.

Distracted boyfriend (C developers) ogles a passing woman (goto) to the disgust of his girlfriend (else, break, continue, return). Willy Wonka says 'The compiler converted your program to an integer constant? Tell me again how C is portable assembly language.' Morpheus in the film 'The Matrix' asks 'What if I were to tell you tile maps are neither signed nor unsigned?' Robin: 'typedef int handle;'. Batman (slapping Robin): 'typedef struct {int h;} handle;'. Bjarne Stroustrup as The Joker in the 1989 film 'Batman', looks at a broken mask (here captioned 'Alicia++') on a mantelpiece and says 'I've recently had a tragedy in my life.' Brian Kernighan holds a book copy of 'The C Programming Language' and says 'The syntax of the declaration for a variable mimics the syntax of expressions in which the variable might appear'. Bjarne Stroustrup replies menacingly: 'I am altering the syntax. Pray I don't alter it any further.' How C looks to C++ (as a Heath Robinson machine) vs. how C++ looks to C (as a Picasso painting of a jumbled face). The Mona Lisa's portrait has been defaced with the tasteless additions of as a badly-drawn yellow hat, an ampersand, sunglasses and a cigar. 'Within Mona Lisa++, there is a smaller and cleaner painting struggling to get out' says Bjarne Stroustrup.

Railway memes

We have Henry the Green Engine at home, and who doesn't love those inexplicably popular clickbait puzzle images? Incidentally, these two engines were never named, seen or heard of again.

An illustration from the book 'The Three Railway Engines' in which two engines have been circled and a poster-like caption added: 'Missing Engines. Please call day or night. Sodor - 6324'. Juxtaposition of an illustration from the book 'Henry the Green Engine', showing a detailed cab interior, with the blank cab of a $159 toy named 'Deluxe Henry the Green Engine with Moving Eyes'. Mock Facebook-style puzzle in which the safety valve bonnet of the locomotive 'City of Truro' is ringed with the challenge 'Only for genius. What is it? More than 90% will fail.'

Star Wars memes

Provoked by some jarringly inappropriate dialogue in Disney's new Obi-wan Kenobi TV series.

Darth Vader reaches out to Luke Skywalker. Caption is 'Coming soon on Disney+: No, I am your Dad'. Luke Skywalker looks in wonder at a lightsaber in his hand as Obi-wan Kenobi watches approvingly. Caption is 'Coming soon on Disney+: Your Dad wanted you to have this'.

Supermarionation memes

Possibly the best moment in Stingray, especially when the line is delivered in X20's distinctive nasal voice.

Animated GIF of puppets in the TV show 'Stingray'. Dramatic zoom into Agent X-20 as he says 'You don't say!' John Tracy sits up in bed on Thunderbird 5. Caption is 'My hair this morning'. Juxtaposition of the perfect proportions of the Troy Tempest puppet from the TV show 'Stingray' (his eyes are halfway up his head) with the inhuman proportions of the Tiger Ninestein puppet from the later TV show 'Terrahawks' (his eyes are too high).

Miscellaneous memes

Oh Siri, you still have so much to learn.

Question to Siri voice assistant: 'Why do you keep searching the web?' Siri replies: 'I don't know what you mean by Why do you keep searching the web. How about a web search for it?' Film poster for 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' in which the two hands have been replaced with similarly posed hands from Michelangelo's fresco painting 'The Creation of Adam'. Juxtaposition of a University of Glasgow poster, 'Cycle Thieves - We Are Watching You', with a similar pair of eyes advertising the computer game 'Dune 2000 - Long Live The Fighters!' Photo of the Mackintosh house with the (deliberately misspelled) caption 'Yo dawg, I herd u like houses' and below that 'So I put your house in a house'. First World War poster of a girl sitting on a man's knee with the caption 'Daddy, what did you do in the war on terror?' and below that 'I saw it, said it, sorted it'. Robin: 'Maybe I'll just...' Batman (slapping Robin): 'No rooms above rooms!' Caption is 'Doom map editing in 2020'.