Notes and essays

Notes and essays by Christopher. If Harriet and Martin have opinions then they express them elsewhere.

Date last updated Title About this document
April 1998 Response to act one of the Shakespeare play 'King Lear' An example of many A-level English Literature essays I have hanging around.
March 2000 Medical Diagnostic Imaging Just to prove I actually do some work at university!
April 2000 Review of Microdigital Mico computer An article written for RISC Nation magazine during Easter 2000, though not published here on the web until June.
February 2002 RISC: The processor architecture of the future An opinionated technical essay that I wrote at university for the "Artificial Intelligence/Software Engineering" course module.
February 2002 Amalthaea extended for a multilingual environment An essay on information retrieval systems that I wrote at university for the "Information Access" course module.
November 2001 - April 2002 A graphics rendering library for ARM systems Report submitted for my 3rd year project in Computer Science.
January 2010 On kibibytes, mebibytes, Kibbles 'n Bits An opinion piece about kibibytes, mebibytes and gibibytes
March 2010 Ambiguity in escape sequences A note on escape sequences.
February 2011 You're no fun any more An opinion piece on the 2007 videogame Halo 3.
September 2022 While statement considered harmful? A note on different loop constructs in the C programming language.
August 2013 In which Pooh understands the C preprocessor A short story about the C preprocessor and the Hundred Acre Wood.
October 2013 Life lessons Doom has taught me Lessons learned from the 1993 videogame Doom.
December 2013 The secret of writing TIE Fighter cutscene dialogue A tribute to the dialogue in the 1994 videogame Star Wars: TIE Fighter.
January 2015 Handling errors in C A note on error-handling in the C programming language.
February 2017 The power of individuals An opinion piece on online petitions.
December 2018 Creation: An act of sheer will? Self-reflection and thoughts on the purpose of programming.
February 2020 On Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends An opinion piece on the TV programme based on the Railway Series.
September 2020 On Id Software games An opinion piece on Doom and Quake.
July 2022 Defence of the flight dynamics of Thunderbirds Facebook arguments can become very silly.
August 2022 Why old games are still interesting An opinion piece on old games and file formats.
December 2022 Generics in C A tutorial-style introduction to generic programming.
December 2022 Polymorphism in C A tutorial-style introduction to polymorphism.
January 2023 Why C needs a new type qualifier A proposal to extend the C programming language.
July 2023 C versus C++: fight! An opinion piece on C and C++.
December 2023 goto hell; An opinion piece on structured programming in C.